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The Movie MANalysis of Troy | The Man's Brand


May 13th, 2012

The Man's Brand movie MANalysis - TroyF*#@in-A!!! Such a badass movie!! BAM!!!! Although… I do have some Manalysies I would like to point out. Fist of all, i would like to say, talk about a lot of freakin’ awesome fight scenes! Especially the first good one. The jump & the throat stab… classic! Now, let me get into my disputes with this movie.


MutherFU*#@er… Orlando Bloom be thy name. You pieces of sh*t!!!! After watching this movie, I would like to kill you myself (not really just theoretically speaking).  They take this bullsh*t love story/chick flick aspect to the movie. Let me straighten something out real quick: Orlando Bloom plays a f*cking p*$sy wife grabber and Diane Kruger plays a worthless little whore! Don’t let that bullshit fool you as a love story. Are you f*cking kidding me! Horse Shit.

Orlando Bloom’s character, along with Dian Kruger’s character,  should have been strung up by their feet and had Achilles name BRANDED into their genitals. Then, they should have been torchered. The movie would have been 20, no, 25 times better. Seriously! Think about it. Seeing assholes get killed in battles is deeply satisfying (in movies) but seeing that applied to cheating whores & wife grabbers… that’s a whole ‘nother level of classic.

Look, I know this is a harsh analysis but I am tired of seeing horseshit values placed (discretely) into movies. It’s crap. It’s a big part of why our shit society is such crap… no, let me reword that: F*CKING SH*****T!!!!!! Social brainwashing. This is not OK!!!! F*ck You Hollywood. Your welcome. You have ruined the sheep of our society. Go to HELL!!!!

Whoa, I gotta slow down. All that being said, stellar freakin’ movie. BAD ASS. Love it. Thank you to Mother’s Day for bestowing such a great movie upon our family that has some good historical value. And, thank you to my wife for being such a great mom & wife… couldn’t ask for more. 😉

Happy Mother’s Day to All!

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