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One Man’s Loss

March 27th, 2012

One Man’s Loss Is Another’s Gain

Fishing Gear
No sense in wasting some perfectly good fishin’ gear. My son & daughter found these while we were walking the beach. When the damn is low, the water-line gets plenty low enough to get to a lot of area that would otherwise be covered in water. As you can still barely see on the sign, there is a big ass rock here. I am guessing that some dumb-ass hit that & complained to the park until they put a sign up. Then they used some of our tax dollars to pay for it. I should go fix that sign to read: There’s a big f$#k@ng rock here… DUMB-ASS!! I would even do it for free. Enjoy the beach pics.
Man's Brand Big Rock
The Beach & Mountains
The Beach & Mountains2
The Beach
The Beach2


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