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Beer of the Month March 12 | Sam Adams | The Man's Brand

Beer of the Month March 12

April 20th, 2012

Sam AdamsSam Adams, be thine founding fathers name. Never would you have guessed you would become the poster-man of an utterly astounding empire of amazingly head-giving brews. I’m talking foam here asshole, get your mind out of the gutter. JUST KIDDING. As men, we hold the divine right to put our head wherever it fits best. Be it a warm wet place – like the stream of a hot shower in the morning (although that’s not the warm wet place that first comes to my filthy mind), or in a cold dirty gutter, dazed from the liver shattering night before.

Shit, lost my train of thought there. One mention of “head” & it all goes downhill. Anyway, Sam Adams… what an outstanding brewing company. It’s like the blue coat of free beers, in a battle overwhelmed by red coats of shame, asshole accents and tyranny. It is the tasteful yet robust premium line of reasonably priced beers surrounded by an isle filled with overpriced crap, horse piss and shit.

I will take a Sam Adams Ma’am… may I have another.

Take that liver!

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